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Sun 1/28, 12-4pm (GMT-08)

Sun 2/4, 12-4pm (GMT-08)

Fri 2/16, 2-6pm (GMT-08)

Fri 2/16, 8pm-12am (GMT-08)

Sat 2/17, 9am-1pm (GMT-08)

Sat 2/17, 2-6pm (GMT-08)

Sat 2/17, 8pm-12am (GMT-08)

Sun 2/18, 9am-1pm (GMT-08)

Sun 2/18, 2-6pm (GMT-08)

  • CIT 07 - A Breed Apart

    Heroes of Rokugan, Fresno, CA
    Fresno, CA, US
    Heroes of Rokugan Legends of the Five Rings

Sun 2/18, 8pm-12am (GMT-08)

Mon 2/19, 9am-1pm (GMT-08)

Mon 2/19, 2-6pm (GMT-08)

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