Who's Yer Con 2017

Mar 31 - Apr 2 in Indianapolis, IN, US

This event is over.


MARCH 30, 2017

Sign ups for specific games on Warhorn are now closed!!!!

If you are still interested in playing, drop by PFS HQ in the Hall of Champions and we can try to find you an open spot!

Pathfinder Society is back for Whos Yer Con 2017!

3 days of FREE Pathfinder Society Gaming, both for the Roleplaying Guild and the Adventure Card Guild!  

Feel free to register for PFS at Whos Yer Con!  If you are interested in GMing, register here and then drop me an e-mail, stating which scenarios/modules you want to run and which slots (based on the event schedule.)

Important Note:  You need to register for BOTH the con itself AND for specific PFS games.