Organized Play Foundation at Winter War (PFS/SFS)

Jan 26-28 in Urbana, IL, US

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This site is for visibility of the PFS/SFS  schedule and management of the GMs only. If you wish to GM, register as an attendee, select which slots/tables for which you wish to volunteer, and send an email to the organizer who will assign your slots. You MUST ALSO register with the Winter War website and obtain your convention badge. If you only wish to play, or play in addition to GMing, you can register for those events through the official website.

BONUS: GM two or more slots and receive your convention badge for free.

BONUS: GM three or more slots and receive a special player boon from our libarary of unused boons, many of which are no longer available.

BONUS: GM five or more slots and receive a full (16) dice block of exclusive Great Lakes regional d6s with the Glyph of the Open Road and '17 in place of the "6" from Chessex.

IMPORTANT NOTE: GMs who volunteer before 31 Decmeber 2017 will receive their scenarios for free. Due to processing time, we will not be able to provide free scenarios after that date.

LOCATION NOTE: Winter War 45 will be held at a new location in northern Urbana, just off I74.

Wyndham Garden, 1001 W Killarney Street, Urbana, IL  61801, (217) 328-7900

There are also three other hotels within walking distance: Holiday Inn Express, Ramada, and Comfort Suits should you require alternate options.