Weekend at White Plume Mountain

Jun 3, 2017 in Cleveland, TN, US

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PARKING & ENTRY: This is at Bradley Square Mall off of Exit 27. We are NOT in the same location as Post-ApocalyptiCon.

**For best results, park between Belk and Dunham's.**

Delivery Entrance #991 will be our way in and out. There will be signs on the door and inside. It definitely won't be open before 7am, and you don't need to come terribly early unless you really want to. Dicehead is to your left to pick up your badge. If some unforeseen event occurs and door #991 is unusable, we will use door #906 next to it.

FOOD: There is a steak restaurant and a Mexican place in the mall, and a plethora of sit down and fast food places nearby. The usual places deliver, ask for info at HQ. Dicehead sells snacks, soft drinks, and water.

 WPW postcard

East TN Adventurers League and Dicehead Games and Comics will be hosting an Adventurers League Gameday all day Saturday, June 3rd at Bradley Square Mall in Cleveland, TN!

Tickets are $15 at the door, but you can preregister for only $10 at this page.


The purpose of this Gameday is to offer returning players a chance to play any of the 3 tie-in modules for season 6, as well as the White Plume EPIC. This will give you an opportunity to play both White Plume events before or after running the classic adventure at home, as well as one of the first chances to play the Against the Gaints tie-in anywhere.

We are offering 3 slots, including a dinner break. Fai Chen is attending with her Fantastical Faire of magic items and other wonders.

The morning slot includes a Regional Preview of the White Plume Mountain module DDAL06-02 The Redemption of Kelvan, which serves as an intro and story hook for the Epic or the classic adventure.

The afternoon slot will be 5 hours long to accommodate the Battle Interactive, DDEP06-02 Return to White Plume! Together, these events will prepare a tier 2 character for a full run through the classic White Plume Mountain adventure presented in Tales from the Yawning Portal or offer a tier 3 character an exciting battle interactive to follow up on his preceding run through WPM!

And in the final slot we're offering the 06-02 module again (in case you couldn't make the morning slot) as well as one of the first runs of DDAL06-03 Crypt of the Death Giants, the tier 4 Against the Giants module!

Tier 1 adventures are offered all day long to help new players. If you play each tier 1 slot, you will accumulate the story elements necessary to save Parnast during the the mini Battle Interactive version of 05-16 Parnast Under Siege in the final slot!