What-Khan 2016

Oct 20-23, 2016 in Loves Park, IL, US

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Looking for a gaming convention in the Rockford area this October?

What-Khan is the con you're looking for!

The Rockford Pathfinder Society will be hosting many games and events this year, and we have a few special things available only to our group:

  1. Extended hours.  Although What-Khan is scheduled to run from 2 pm Friday to 1 pm Sunday, our group will have exclusive use of the conference room below the restaurant Thursday evening, Friday morning and Sunday afternoon.
  2. GM complimentary all-event pass.  If you sign up to GM PFS sessions on two different days (or all 3 slots on Saturday), we will get you a complimentary admission, including the extended hours.

We'll have PFS games planned for all 9 slots, so this in an awesome deal for our group!  If you haven't signed up to GM and you haven't yet bought your admission badge, the $25 weekend badge early admission price is available through October 7th.

Of course, we anticipate great convention support from Paizo, and everyone should get a chance at a door prize as well.  Our group will distribute prizes all 4 days, so the more days you attend, the better your chances.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday night note: per contract we must be out of the building by 11 pm, which may constrain the time available for gaming.  Please plan to conclude gaming by 10:30 pm (4.5 hours) so we have time to clean up and vacate.

Friday morning note: we must be out of the conference room by 12:30 pm, which may constrain the run time for Friday morning sessions to only 3.5 hours. Games that are expected to require more time can be relocated to the main PFS hall area at any time after our tables have been set up in that area.

Sunday afternoon we also have a hard stop at 6 pm due to other activities scheduled for the conference room.  Plan to conclude gaming by 5:30 (4 hour afternoon slot) so that everything can be picked up and cleared out by 6.