Pathfinder Society West Lafayette, IN

West Lafayette, IN, US

This event is for reoccurring Pathfinder Society Organized Play at the Sage's Shoppe in West Lafayette Indiana.

Beginner and Experienced players are welcome.

Please be prompt, if you are not present for a Scenario that you have signed up for 10 minutes prior to its start time, we reserve the right to fill your position with someone who is present.

For more information about Pathfinder Society go to: Pathfinder Society

For more information on our location checkout: The Sage's Shoppe

Facebook users can 'Like Us' on the Sage's Shoppe web site for updates on game play at the store.

You can check out the Event listing on here: Pathfinder's for Sages

If you would like to be included in our bi-monthly Society updates send a request to the organizer with the link to the left.

Game Day Schedule:

   13 Aug     --  2 slots 11am – 3pm & 4pm - 8pm

   27 Aug      --  2 slots 11am – 3pm & 4pm - 8pm

     4 Sept     --  Cookout & Open Gaming

   10 Sept     --  2 slots 11am – 3pm & 4pm - 8pm

   24 Sept     -- 2 slots 11am – 3pm & 4pm - 8pm

       8 Oct     --  2 slots 11am – 3pm & 4pm - 8pm

     22 Oct     --  2 slots 11am – 3pm & 4pm - 8pm

The Sage's Shoppe
1009 Sagamore Pkwy West
West Lafayette, IN 47906