Character levels 1-4

Written by Chris Lindsey

Operating as secret agents for the Lords of Waterdeep,you were tasked with finding out as much as you could about the Xanathar, and the creature's organization, without engaging the beholder crime boss in conflict. That of course, would be tantamount to suicide. You spent the last several weeks hunting for leads inside the seedier wards of Waterdeep, hoping that the constant ebb and flow of the transient population in these parts of the city might bear fruit....and evidently you weren't wrong.Despite being dressed in fine clothes, the dwarf you spoke with .... what was his name again? .... He knew a thing or two, and it wasn't long before you found yourselves standing in a dark alleyway, looking down a short set of steps, at the entrance of an alleged 'safehouse' of the Xanathar's organization. You took EVERY precaution when breaking and entering, but as the door swung wide, there was a bright flash and then everything faded to black.


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