UK Games Expo 2015

29-31 May, 2015 in Birmingham, BIR, GB

This event is over.

This is NOT where you buy your tickets to play a game. Buy them at 

This Warhorn site displays information for Pathfinder players and GMs at UK Games Expo 2015.

It allows you to add your character's NAME, your CLASS and your LEVEL to all the games that you have already booked on the UK Games Expo website. That means you can see what other characters are on your table and try to build a balanced party. This is information that will help you have more fun and stay alive.

It also means we can plan the Tiers for the mega multi-table Legacy of the Stone Lords Special on Friday night. We will muster tables according to character level. Our GMs can focus their preparation on one or two tiers.

If you can't see the adventure that you booked to play or have agreed to GM, please let us know.

The Timely Temple of Annihilation is a walk-up and play event using 4th Level Pre-Gens. There is no need to book to play it. It takes place in the Trade Hall on Stand K28.

UK Games Expo 2015 is PFS Event No. 59712.