Archangel Lodge Role Playing Society

Clio, MI, US

PFS 5-09: The Traitor’s Lodge

Wednesday, Nov 15, 5-9pm (GMT-05) at Archangel Games
Pathfinder RPG, Pathfinder Society, character levels 3-7, Grand Lodge
Written by Thurston Hillman

During the recent attack on Nerosyan, Pathfinders sought out a local venture-captain to aid in the city’s defense. What they found instead suggested the leader had not only fled recently but had played a part in the demons’ offensive. Venture-Captain Jorsal has determined that the safety and integrity of the Pathfinder Society requires that a team delve into the sealed basement beneath the abandoned lodge to determine what other plans his turncoat colleague may have set in motion.


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Monk 6 (Striker - Melee)
Samurai 5 (Striker - Melee)
Brawler 6 (Striker - Melee)
Fighter 5