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Written by Hashim Naser

Evil finds itself taking many forms. It may not be obvious, or visible, but it's always there... A family of fairies lived with each-other in the secluded sanctions of the woods. They cared for a young abandoned boy named Druvara, who grew up with them Isolated from the rest of the world. As life progressed for them in the secluded sanctions of the wood, evil was thickening.

The druid boy and the Fairies united towards one goal. Protecting their home and fending off the darkness from Hell's army. With the in-directed aid from the goddess Heaven, that cant be too hard... right?

>Fantasy style world, with mechanics from an MMO. (Respawning, raid bosses, roll for rarer loot, etc)
Only two known Gods exist. Heaven, the goddess of fertility and growth, and Hell, the god of destruction and decay. They both rule as the leaders of two separate factions, the Founders, and the Reavers.

> These gods left markings of their presence on the land obvious to those who live upon it. Remnants of the most recent war in the land's history between these two Gods can still be found scattered through the isolated forests.


> The Founders: Consists of classes that players can choose from in the beginning. They construct kingdoms and fight back the unpredictable power of the Reavers. Most Founders are common folk who seek no power or quarrel. They mind their business within towns constructed solely to create and fund further strength to the nation.

> The Reavers: Evil races that seek the destruction of all things non Reaver. The strongest opposing force towards the Founders, Reavers act more as individual groups within their faction rather than a single entity. This makes them weaker as a whole, but tough to understand and commute with.

**Additional Info:**

> Game sessions are roughly 2-3 hours long, extending if players are having a blast or important story-line is being had.
> We'll be using Discord for voice chat. Please install it or run the browser version if you're accepted.
> We have a few paid texture-packs already implemented into our game, as well as art that fits the general theme.
> Players will NOT be expected to pay for a session that is cut short.
> Players who fail to join our session and do not notify me for their absence will still have to pay for their session.


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