The Grand Lodge Parties On

Jan 13-15 in Fresno, CA, US

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What: Bringing together Pathfinders and Starfinders from such exotic locations as the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Los Angeles to meet in the neutral ground of FRESNO, CALIFORNIA. Three days of gaming, because three is a prime number.

Where: The Crazy Squirrel Game Store, Fresno, CA * 464 E Bullard Ave #105, Fresno, CA 93710 * (559) 431-0188 *

When: January 13-15, 2017

Who: YOU! And all your gaming friends.

How much? Admission for the whole weekend is $30. If you can only make a single day, you can still get in for that single day for a mere $15. Payment can be made one of three ways: by calling the Squirrel directly during business hours [ (559) 431-0188 ] and paying over the phone for a ticket to the Grand Lodge Parties On; by entering the Squirrel on your physical legs and conducting a transaction with the cashier; or by Paypal to the address fragilion at (If you Paypal, please select that it's a personal rather than a payment rendered.)

You can also GM three slots and get in free if you prefer.

Lodging: If you're coming from out of town, there are two hotels a hop, skip, and a jump from the CSGS. Quality Inn, and Country Inn and Suites, are within a reasonable walking distance. Days Inn Yosemite is a hair further but cheaper.

If you live locally, I can't tell you where to stay. Presumably you already have that bit of your lifestyle sorted.

Food: the Squirrel also offers drinks and snack food at affordable prices. No outside drinks are permitted, but the Squirrel has a large variety of beverages on hand. There's a lot of relatively close food options nearby.

If you have a question I failed to answer, email me, Dana, at fragilion at