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Online Gameday for Pathfinder Society and more
European Friendly timeslots, run by a quadrumvirate of Five Star PFS GM's 

Andrew W, Chris M, Helen Y & Terry T

In the last year we ran 200 Pathfinder / Starfinder Society Games for an active player base of just under 200 players worldwide.
New Players and GM's always welcome.
contact AndrewChris, Helen or Terry for more details (training can be provided).

Games are posted in the UK timezone which is currently GMT (UTC+0)

Here's a website to convert to your local timezone
add Denver (MST/MDT), Chicago (CST/CDT), London (GMT/BST) and Accra (UTC all year)

THIS SITE will tell you what the current time is in UTC 

Games are played using www.Roll20.net and either www.google.com/hangouts or Discord for audio.



To help offset the cost of Scenarios, Modules and Roll20 subscriptions, we have set up a way for you to drop us a couple of $, £ or €. This is a purely voluntary contribution towards our running costs.


To register for upcoming games:

First click the "Join now" button to join the group if you haven't already done so. After you have created an account click "Event schedule" in the top left corner of this page. Then click on the game you wish to join and click the "play" button next to that game. You will then be prompted to enter what class/level character you plan on playing.


Character Records and Audits (Pathfinder Society): 

Please be aware that you will be asked to provide copies of your character sheets, ITS sheets and last chronicle sheet before games.
Character generator PDF's, scans or clear photos of physical sheets are all acceptable methods of presenting those records.
Characters that dont meet PFS rules will be excluded from play until they have been rebuilt according to the relevant rules. Characters may be subject to periodic auditing, this will require you to provide all relevant documentation for that character. It is your responsibility to keep your chronicles and ITS sheets in good order.


Rerolls (Pathfinder Society)

To prevent abuse, you may be asked to provide evidence of your eligibility for a reroll - details of the Paizo products that grant such rerolls (T-shirts, folios etc) are published online here



For minor conduct infractions, we operate a three strike system. Strikes will remain on your player record for a period of one calendar year. Strikes can be gained in a number of ways at the GM's discretion, not limited to the following:

  • Failure to turn up for a slot without contacting the GM
  • Turning up late for a slot without contacting the GM
  • Failure to supply character details when requested
  • Cheating (minor)
  • Conduct- e.g. inappropriate language etc

the 1st strike will result in a 2 week ban from all Tarracon games.
a subsequent strike will result in a 4 week ban from all Tarracon games.
a 3rd strike will result in a permanent ban from all Tarracon games.

Major infractions will result in a permanent ban from the site. This may include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Cheating (major)
  • Undisclosed prior knowledge of the scenario
  • Harassment of other players or GM's
  • Exclusion of other players

You will be notified of the reasons for earning a strike, for any queries relating to this, please contact the Organiser Chris Manning



We will try to build tables that fit within the subtiers of the scenario, and as such wont always use "first come, first served" for game signups. 

Please be aware that failure to put down the level of character you wish to play may mean you are NOT selected for the table.


After you sign up for a game:

Approximately 48-72 hours before the game you will receive an email to confirm your reservation. 

Failure to respond to this email within the specified timeframe will constitute forfeiture of your place in the game.

Waitlisted players will be contacted if a spot becomes available. If you're on the waitlist - make sure to check your email a few hours before gametime.

The G+ Hangout will be created at game time, and the URL will be provided at the start of the session.


Once you get your VTT link you should do the following:

  1. Log into Roll20.net and set up your Macros before game-time.

  2. Make sure you have turned off the built in audio and video in Roll20.


Players must be online and ready to play at game time. Absent players will forfeit their spot to players on the waitlist.

If you want us to run a specific scenario or a different day/time slot - please ask.