SnowCon 2016

Jan 16-17, 2016 in Bangor, ME, US

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Welcome to the best weekend of tabletop gaming in Maine!

We believe that games are best played around a table, with friends old and new, with pencils and dice, boards and cards, books and house-rules. We also think that winter is a great time to get together and play! So settle down for a weekend of Catan, Carcassonne, Axis & Allies, D&D, Magic the Gathering and more!

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To register as an attendee for SnowCon:

  1. First, you have to sign up for a Warhorn account.
  2. Next, with your Warhorn account register for SnowCon as an event on the Warhorn site.
  3. Once your payment is recieved, convention staff will mark you as paid you and you will be cleared to sign up for games once game sign-ups open.

Game Masters, remember that you should also register as an attendee before you submit your games.

If you signed up for SnowCon using Warhorn last year,  you can use that same account to register.

Game Submission

If you would like to run a game, first you should register as an attendee for the convention. Next you should plan an awesome game to run and send it to us via our Game Submision Form. If every atendee ran just one game, we would have the entire schedule full and then some. SnowCon is better every year with your help.

SnowCon GM Game Submision Form