Slover Libraray Game Day

Nov 18 in Norfolk, VA, US

This event is over.

An exciting single-day Dungeons and Dragons campaign! Staffed by local D&D experts and open to the public, this event is perfect for beginner and advanced Adventurers alike! (Teens and Adults) Room 650

The event will be doubling as a food drive on behalf of the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia! Players may donate acceptable items. Please remember that when you donate food items to donate the right way: • Non-perishable food • Non-breakable containers • Nutritional labels intact • Check expiration dates (items can be up to 6 months past printed date)

If you donate one of the most needed items, listed below, your donation will count double towards rewards:

Lean Canned Protein: peanut butter, tuna, chicken, turkey, beans

Fruits and Vegetables: canned fruits and vegetables, pasta sauce, 100% fruit juice, fruit preserves, dried fruit

Whole Grains: cereal, pasta, oatmeal, rice, crackers

Meals: soups, stews, boxed meals, canned pasta

Baby Products: formula, baby food, diapers, wipes

Low Fat - Low Sodium - Low Sugar Products Preferred


REWARDS are per player to be earned in the following way:

1 qualified item = 1 point

1 qualified most needed item = 2 points


REWARD POINTS may be spent in the following ways:

1 point = 1 of your characters starts the module with inspiration

2 points per tier = 1 of your characters starts the module with a tier appropriate healing potion.

4 points = you may re-roll any 1 D20 roll you just made! Before you find out if it is good or not!

5 points = you may re-roll any 1 D20 roll you just made! (Even after you find out if the roll was good or not).

6 points = you may make the DM re roll 1 d 20 that he/she just made. (Cannot be used to negate a natural 20)

7 points = you pass a saving throw (non Death Saving throw)

8 points = you make a death saving throw as if it was a natural 20 (You get up with 1 hp)

9 points = you automatically critically hit a monster

10 points = you may make the DM re-roll a critical hit attack roll.

**Rewards are not Cumulative**