Southern Illinois Paizo Organized Play Society

Carbondale- Marion, IL, US

Come join us for a game at any of these locations:

Asteroids 2 Zombies
1108 N Carbon St, Unit K, Marion, IL 62959
(618) 998-8103

Castle Perilous Books and Games
207 W Main St, Carbondale, Il 62901

The Game Table
606 S Illinois Ave, Suite 1, Carbondale, Il 62959
(618) 457-8383

Entry fee is dependent on the venue, though donations for the purchase and printing of scenarios and modules is welcome and very appreciated.

Campaign rules, including campaign clarifications, FAQs, and the Pathfinder Society Role-Playing Guild Guide can be found at

Seating: Seating will generally go in first signed up, first seated order, though there may be exceptions so that a new player may be seated. Please arrive early so that we may get everyone seated and begin on time.

Notice: With the exception of new players and those who have travelled a long way to play, we will not be seating 7 player tables just because someone didnt sign up to save themselves a spot.

If you are having problems with the registration or have questions, please feel free to contact me at