Shropshire Pathfinder Society (PFS)

Shrewsbury, SHR, GB

Shropshire Pathfinder Society is a friendly group of table-top role-players, gaming the Pathfinder Society organised play, which is a world-wide shared campaign for table-top role-players using the Pathfinder rules from

To secure a place at the gaming table, please:

- obtain your Pathfinder Society membership card by making a Paizo account 
- create an account at 
- search for Shropshire PFS 
- register your interest in playing accordingly

During the first four sessions, I will be GMing introductory scenarios that are designed to introduce you as players to Pathfinder Society Organised Play, as well as introduce your characters to the in-game Pathfinder Society, which over the last 400 years has grown to become the premiere adventurers guild in the world of Golarion.

Characters will be field agents of the Pathfinder Society, and will be sent on missions throughout Golarion.

Remember the three core duties of every Pathfinder:

- Explore 
- Report 
- Co-operate

For an introduction to the Pathfinder Society, and guidelines on building your character, please see the free Guide to Pathfinder Society Organised Play, which is available at internet: