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Character levels 11-20

Written by Gary Gygax

Giants have been raiding the civilzed lands, visiting death and destruction upon villages, towns, and farmlands. A band of adventurers has assembled to punish the marauding giants. The legendary 'G' series of adventures by Gary Gygax from 1st Edition D&D is now available for 4th Edition, reimagined by Christopher Perkins - including an all-new chapter dealing with the stone giants.
Against the Giants comprises four individual adventures, which may be found in Dungeon issues 197-200. Each adventure has been adapted separately for LFR. They can be run individually, or as a four-part Paragon tier series. Characters who play all four parts (regardless of order) are eligible for a special Major Quest award. The target levels for each successive adventure increase, so the target ALs of the adaptations also increase: AL 12, AL 14, AL 16, and finally AL 18. It is therefore possible for a character to "out-level" the series since each part requires a legal table of the adapted AL (so, for example, 16th-level characters cannot play ADAP4-3 since AL 12 only allows characters of levels 11-15). As with all LFR adaptations of Dungeon adventures, at least one person at the table (either a player or the DM) must have an active subscription to D&D Insider.


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