Shane's Cards Epic Gameday

Aug 12 in Renton, WA, US

This event is over.

Welcome to Shane's Cards EPIC Gameday.

Address: Held at the Evergreen building: 15 S. Grady way. Lower Lobby, LL-20 and LL-16 for the rooms.

This is the one that we have been working so hard to get to Tier 4. Congratulations!

For this event we have 3 Slots available to play with start times at 9:00am, 2:00pm, and 7:00pm.

We have:

DDEP06-01 Relics of Khundrakar (Tier 1 & 2)

DDEP06-02 Return to White Plume Mountain (Tier 2 & 3)

DDEP06-03 Hecatomb (Tier 3 & 4).

DDAL06-03 Crypt of the Death Giants (Tier 4)

DDAO00-01 Window to the Past (Tier 4)

We will have some Tier 1 modules on the schedule for play too.

Registration is only:

$15.00 Full Day

$11.00 2 Slots 

$6.00 1 Slot

DM: No charge

We will be using PayPal to Shane's Cards for payment. Once I get a message from them that payment is received I will clear you for sign up for slots.

Thank you,