Secret Mission Con II

Jan 27-29 in Marietta, GA, US

This event is over.

Registration is CLOSED - if you still want to come play, you are welcome to "walk up" and see if we have space.

This is a great chance to meet more D&D players in the Atlanta area, learn how to play 5th edition, and get involved in the D&D Adventurers League.  

We are running adventures for new characters in every single slot.

In addition, we are running adventures for 5th-10th level characters in nearly every slot that include a secret mission. In the D&D adventurers league, in order to advance to the third rank in your secret society, you need to complete a secret mission (source and also source copied from previous player guides). However, there aren't a lot of adventures that have secret missions. So, we're bringing you a variety of adventures picked specifically for their secret missions.

You can also join the discussion on Facebook! LINK

The convention will be held at the American Legion hall in Marietta (just a few blocks from the Big Chicken!). 

American Legion
921 Gresham Avenue Northeast, Marietta, GA 30060

(770) 427-5900

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Yes, there will be slot zeroes. We'll start them in late November/early December. Holiday scheduling is hard. Some will be online.

You do have to DM all of the season 5 mods and the hardback to qualify for an Aarakocra character through your DM rewards.

Schedule of Games

(click image to view a larger version)


Lords' Alliance level 5-10
DDEX01-10 Tyranny in Phlan
DDEX02-15 The Black Heart of Vengence
DDEX03-09 The Waydown

Harpers level 5-10
DDEX01-10 Tyranny in Phlan
DDEX02-15 The Black Heart of Vengence
DDEX03-07 Herald of the Moon

Emerald Enclave level 5-10
DDEX01-12 Raiders of the Twilight Marsh
DDEX02-14 The Sword of Selfaril
DDEX03-07 Herald of the Moon

Order of the Gauntlet level 5-10
DDEX01-12 Raiders of the Twilight Marsh
DDEX02-15 The Black Heart of Vengence
DDEX03-09 The Waydown
DDEX03-13 Writhing in the Dark

Zhentarim level 5-10
DDEX02-14 The Sword of Selfaril

ALL FACTIONS level 11-16
DDEX03-16 Assault on Maerimydra (8 hours!)


Fai Chen's Faire

We will try to get Fai Chen's Fai Chen's Faire at Secret Mission Con. You can trade in certed items for +1 weapons, armor, or shields, or for other handy. You can also buy some consumable potions and scrolls. Times for FCF will be announced at the convention and will likely be meal break times.

Magic Item Swap Meet

We will have signups for a magic item swap meet to facilitate player-to-player item trades.

Here are the rules that cover player-to-player trades:

Characters are allowed to trade permanent magic items received in official D&D Adventurers League play with one another, or even with themselves (i.e. between two characters of a single player). A certificate is not required to facilitate this trade, but if the item bears a certificate, it must either be traded or destroyed.
If trading with another character playing in the same game session as you, the trade may be completed without expending downtime days. Otherwise, each participant in a given trade must spend 15 downtime days to complete the trade.
Upon completing the trade, an entry must be created on each character's log sheet indicating who they traded with (and their DCI number if they have one), the item traded away, and the item received in exchange. Magic items can't be given away to another character; a permanent magic item must be received in return.
Furthermore, permanent magic items may only be traded for permanent magic items of like rarity (i.e. uncommon for uncommon, rare for rare, etc.). If the item’s rarity is in question, the Dungeon Master’s Guide or other official, published D&D product, is considered to be the deciding resource.

We will have a board where you can list a magic item you HAVE and a magic item you WANT.  Fill that out with the item, the rarity, and your name, and what you want in trade. The coordinators will try to set up matches, and you're encouraged to find your own matches.

Badge Fees

All weekend $35
One day (Saturday or Sunday) $25

GM 1 slot $10 discount on badge
GM 2 slots $15 discount on badge
GM 3 slots free all weekend badge.


You will not be allowed to sign up for games until you pay your badge fee. 

No refunds will be given after December 27th.

Why does this convention cost $35 for a full weekend? Here's a look at our budget. If we sell enough badges to cover the costs we will spend profits buying meals for the DMs.


As games fill up, you can sign up as waitlisting. If enough people sign up as waitlisted, we will try to find more DMs.

American Legion Hall & Parking

Do not touch the pictures or furnishings on the walls. The gaming area is no smoking, but you may smoke in the parking lot away from the front door. There is parking in the front of the hall. If you park in the back, DO NOT PARK near the back door. There are many older and/or mobility impaired veterans that need to park close to the back door.


We have a block of 10 rooms at the Radisson nearby. Call and ask for the Secret Mission Con hotel room block from January 27-29 and they will give you a rate of $109 a night.

You are welcome to stay at any hotel you like because we are playing down the street in the American Legion hall.  Here is a listing of nearby hotels.

Join the Discussion

I've created a FB event so you can talk to others interested in the convention.

If you can't get in, hit me up on FB and I'll add you.

Code of Conduct


All D&D Adventurers League participants are here to have fun and should feel safe and included at all times. All participants (players, Dungeon Masters, and organizers) are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct. Participants must conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the enjoyment and safety of others at the event.

  • Avoid excessively vulgar, sexual, or overly mature language and themes.
  • Follow the DMs lead, avoid arguing with the DM or other players over rules.
  • Let other players speak, avoid talking over others.
  • Avoid excessive cross-talk that is not relevant to the adventure being played
  • Allow other players to get attention from the DM.
  • Discourage others from using social media to bully, shame, or intimidate other participants.
  • Avoid phone conversations at the table. If you must take a call, please excuse yourself from the table until your call is completed.
  • No tolerance is given for theft or aggressive behavior.
  • Theft and aggressive behavior are grounds for immediate removal from the play area and the premises.
  • Aggressive behavior includes threats of or actual physical aggression, using racial, gender, or cultural slurs against another participant, and otherwise harassing other participants.


  • Participants who feel as though they are in an unsafe environment should notify the organizer of the event immediately.
  • Participants noticing disruptive behavior should make those responsible for the behavior aware of their actions.
  • If a participant feels uncomfortable bringing it to the attention of the disruptive individual, the participant should notify the Dungeon Master or organizer of the event immediately.
  • The Dungeon Master has the right to ask a disruptive player to leave the table and speak with the organizer.
  • The organizer has the right to remove a disruptive or aggressive player or Dungeon Master from the play area or premises.