SCARAB Gaming Convention

Jan 13-16 in Columbia, SC, US

This event is over.

RPG Dead Man’s Tapes

Friday, Jan 13, 2-7pm (GMT-05) at RPG
The Dresden Files RPG

Take a journey into the strange…

In Dead Man’s Tapes, players will serve as agents of the Great Dragon Cadmiavax, a cosmic force with a hobbyist’s interest in some very unsettling video tapes rumored to be circulating through Virginia – video tapes reportedly connected to a string of deaths all over the Eastern seaboard. Who is “Ana?” What’s her connection to the case of alleged mass murderer Johnny Truant? What’s Cadmiavax really getting at here?

The Dresden Files RPG, built using FATE. More fun than riding an undead dinosaur through the streets of Chicago, and that’s saying a lot.

Rating: R
Language (0-3): 2
Violence (0-3): 2-3
Sexual Content (0-3): 1
Adult Themes (0-3): 2-3


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