SCARAB Gaming Convention

Jan 13-16 in Columbia, SC, US

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RPG Red Packet Rumble

Friday, Jan 13, 2-7pm (GMT-05) at RPG
Feng Shui 2

Learn the basics about Feng Shui in this fast paced introductory scenario.
Are you ready for the Chi War? Ancient sorcerers. Slick conspirators. Control freak monks. Cyborg apes. Armed with the secrets of Feng Shui, all aim to conquer the past, present, and future.
Only you have the guts, guns, and flying feet to stop them!
Feng Shui 2 is the classic game of Hong Kong-inspired cinematic action. Journey through time portals from contemporary Hong Kong to the Tang Dynasty, to scorched, post-apocalyptic roadways.

Facilitated by Donald Dennis of the On RPGs and On Board Games podcasts.

Rating: PG
Language (0-3): 2+
Violence (0-3): 3
Sexual Content (0-3):0
Adult Themes (0-3): 0


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