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Jan 13-16 in Columbia, SC, US

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Friday, Jan 13, 2-4pm (GMT-05) at PFS
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is a cooperative card game for 1 to 6 players. As you explore and overcome challenges, you'll improve and customize your character deck by acquiring new items, allies, weapons, and more. Players participating in Adventure Card Guild games should bring a Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Class Deck with them (though several pregenerated decks will be available if needed). Players will choose where to start on the adventure path.

The Season of the Shackles: Characters face the perils of the high seas. Don your headscarves, buckle your swash, grab your deck, & ahoy we go! This season contains six adventures, plus a bonus prequel. Bonus Prequel: #0-0A—On the Horizon. Adventures: #0-1—Lost at Sea, #0-2—A Pirate's Life, #0-3—Treacherous Waters, #0-4—Island of the Damned, #0-5—Run Out the Guns, #0-6—Hurricane Weather.

The Season of the Righteous: Visit the Worldwound, where characters meet demons, cultists, & creatures from the abyss. Bring your deck & challenge the denizens of chaos. This season contains six adventures, a capstone adventure, and a demo scenario. Demo: #1-0A—Demonic Politics. Adventures: #1-1—Herald's Chosen, #1-2—War for the Worldwound, #1-3—Lexicon of Paradox, #1-4—The Mighty and the Righteous, #1-5—Herald's Vengeance, #1-6—The Last Crusade. Capstone: #1-P: Dread Lord Rising.

The Season of the Runelords: Several years ago, mighty adventurers defeated the Karzoug, the Runelord of Greed. But trouble stirs once again in the little town of Sandpoint & the call goes out for heroes once again. This season contains six adventures. #2-1—Dark Waters Rising, #2-2—City of Secrets, #2-3—Into the Mountain, #2-4—Wrathworks' Churning Heart, #2-5—Bastion of the Waking Rune, #2-6—The Shattered Blades of Alaznist.


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