SCARAB Gaming Convention

Jan 13-16 in Columbia, SC, US

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Ball Joint Doll Intro 101 and Meet-up

Friday, Jan 13, 6-8pm (GMT-05) at Other

Written by Maggie Thies

You may have seen them, or heard others talking about them. They are cute, stunning, and sometimes a little unnerving. They are Ball Joint Dolls (BJD). This is an introductory event for anyone interested in learning about them. We will discuss what ball joint dolls (BJD) are, how they are made, and discuss aspects of their appeal in anime and pop culture. Interested in picking up the hobby? Our knowledgeable staff will show some basic modifications that can be done to BJDs, talk about some different companies that make the dolls, and give some tips on breaking in to the hobby via gateway and beginner dolls.

Those who have dolls and would like to attend this meet-up, we will be able to work on any task you've been putting off. Feel free to show off, trade things, and take pictures.


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