SCARAB Gaming Convention

Jan 13-16 in Columbia, SC, US

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KIDS The Maze Runners

Friday, Jan 13, 5-7pm (GMT-05) at Kids Track
Written by Lizz Schulz

Rules System: PDQ# Book of the Year RPG
Rating: Kids
Language (0-3): 0
Violence (0-3): 1
Sexual Content (0-3): 0
Adult Themes (0-3): 0

Based on the book series The Maze Runner, by James Dashner.

A group of kids wake up in an empty room. Their memories are gone, except for a few flashes about their past. As they explore their surrounding, they find they are in a maze full of puzzles and traps. Around a far corner, they can hear something moving. What dangers will they face? Will they find their way out, or meet a terrible fate?


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