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DDEX01-09 Outlaws of the Iron Route

Saturday, Aug 20, 12-5pm (GMT-04) at White Widow
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, D&D Adventurers League, character levels 1-4
Written by Will Doyle

The Iron Route, an important trade road east of Phlan, is beset by competing bandits. An exiled Black Fist officer leads his band of mercenaries turned cloaked ruffians, while a mysterious dragonborn sorcerer commands screaming savages from the north. In this war for supremacy over the trade route, the beleaguered merchants are the victims, and Phlan suffers from a lack of important supplies. It’s up to adventurers to strike out and reopen this vital route to the town. A four-hour adventure for levels 1-4.

Playtime: 4 hours

Premiere: Gamehole Con, November 7-9


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