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Columbia, SC, US

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Night's Black Agents

Saturday, Aug 20, 12-5pm (GMT-04) at White Widow

You live in the shadows. Maybe you were a spy, before you got burned or turned or just plain burnt out. A criminal, perhaps. A mercenary. Or maybe you once tried to bring secrets into the light... You might have been a journalist once, or a researcher who delved a little too deep. You know too much to go back into the daylight. You know about the vampires. You know there are inhuman monsters pulling humanity's strings from the darkness. You know they feed on the innocent. You know they're monsters, and they have to be stopped. So, with a few others like you, that you can trust, you mount on your own shadow war against the undead.

-This is a thriller RPG game of spies versus vampires. Think the Jason Bourne series if Treadstone was run by vampires. This adventure will give you a quick taste of the GUMSHOE system that powers the game, and the sort of high-explosive action, cinematic coolness and creeping paranoia you can expect from a campaign.


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