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Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire is a special event that can be requested by conventions or game day events to add value to the player experience of the event—serving as a way for players to trade away their unwanted magic items and gain rare certificates for use in the D&D Adventurers League. Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire has different magic items available each season—as well as consumable magic items and often flavorful alternate items, businesses, and other special certs available for purchase.

With each new season, the rules for Fai Chen are looked at and adjustments may be made. The following is based on the rules for Season 7 Tomb of Annihilation.

What the player must bring to the table:
- Current log sheet, with totals of available gold and downtime
- Certificate that they wish to trade (completely filled out with character name and player name)
- If the item to be traded is not certed, then they the log sheet where that item was gained.

What items does Fai Chen offer for trade?
This changes each season, however some items remain constant: +1 weapon, +1 shield, +1 armor and +2 weapon. Supplies are limited and there is no guarantee that an item will still be available when you reach the table.

When trading for enchanted armor, if you do not have a mundane version of that armor already you must pay the purchase price of the mundane armor at the time of the trade.

Conventions with a DDAL Admin present may offer additional items for trade.


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