D&D at Magic Beans

San Antonio, TX, US

Character levels 1-4

Written by Will Doyle

A ritual to destroy Chult’s undead has backfired and unleashed an undead plague! The components needed to concoct an antidote have been identified, but need to be scaveged from the jungle. Meanwhile, Valindra Shadowmantle and Szass Tam are rallying the infected to conduct a massive assault on Port Nyanzaru. If they succeed, the results will be catastrophic. (Track 1: Find the Antidote)

A 3-hour D&D Epics Adventure for 1st-20th level characters (Tier 1 optimized for APL 3)


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Barbarian 3 (Tank)
Sorcerer 3 (Arcane Caster)
? 3
Ranger 1 (Striker - Ranged)
Cleric 1 (Divine Caster)
Monk ? (Light Infantry)
Fighter 3
Ranger 3 (Striker - Melee)
Warlock 3 (Arcane Caster)
? 3