Pathfinder 2nd Edition Pathfinder Playtest
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Character level 9

Written by Mark Seifter

With the valuable intelligence that their allies have uncovered, the Esoteric Order has come a long way since Magnimar, but it still does not fully know the extent of the dark cult's plans, what event will occur in the year indicated by the countdown clocks, nor who an ancient wizard associated with the Dominion of the Black may actually be.
The Order has discovered that the ruins of the wizard's tower still exist, however, and you are asked to travel to the region to investigate, seek out the ruins, and explore the site for any answers. But you must hurry, for in two months, a lunar eclipse important to the cult is set to occur, and who knows what horrors they might unleash upon the world if they have not been routed by then.

Creating Characters
For this chapter, you should take your Doomsday Dawn primary characters--the 1st level characters you played in "The Last Star"--and advance them to 9th level. The adventure assumes that in the interlude between “The Last Star” and “The Mirrored Moon”, these characters have been on numerous adventures while simultaneously gaining prestige as agents of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye.

Leveling Up
You can make any choices you wish when leveling up from 1st level to 9th level.

Purchasing Gear
You retain the gear you earned and kept from “The Lost Star,” but also gain the following: one 8th-level item, two 7th-level items, one 6th-level item, two 5th-level items, and 250 gp to spend on additional items. You can pool your money to buy items.

Released August 2018 at GenCon.

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Starfinder Starfinder Society
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Character levels 5-6

Written by Amanda Hamon Kunz

Tracking the Cult of the Devourer, the heroes travel to the Diaspora, but they must survive the asteroid field to find the cult’s hidden command post. What they learn there takes the heroes to Eox, where they must challenge the planet's undead inhabitants to learn that the Devourer cult is headed for a distant star system in search of clues to the location of an alien superweapon.

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