Pathfinder 1st Edition Pathfinder Society (1st edition)
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Character levels 1-7

Written by Joshua J. Frost

With supplies in hand, you rush from Bloodcove to the Pathfinder expedition site at Azlant Ridge only to find it under siege. You must brave the newly discovered halls beneath the ridge in order to find the key that might save everyone.

"Rescue at Azlant Ridge" is the second scenario in the two-part Before the Dawn campaign arc. It follows Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-01: "The Bloodcove Disguise." Both chapters are intended to be played in order.

This event is offered under the Regional Support Program. Players will have the opportunity to collect boons and GMs will get boons based on the number of games run under the program.

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Pathfinder 1st Edition Pathfinder Society (1st edition)
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Character levels 7-11

Written by Steve Miller

In the ruins of a fallen empire built on the power of sin lies the key to awakening a great evil from a time long gone. The Pathfinder Society isn't the only organization seeking this potent artifact, however, and the result of failure could mean disaster for the whole of Varisia and beyond.

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