Sacramento Pathfinder Society Games

Sacramento, CA, US

 This Warhorn site has been set up to help facilitate Pathfinder Society games in the Sacramento area.If you would like to sign up for a specific game, please log in and go to the Gaming Schedule to find the game you would like to sign up for.

If you are interested in running games that are not listed on here, please contact the organizer.  Only public scenarios are added to this warhorn.  Private games, Campaign mode modules, and any other game where attendance is limited or static from session to session will not be added. 

Event Codes:

The Game Getaway: 152238
GEG 2017: 92295

Special Announcement

All games at The Game Getaway have a $5/person table fee. This can be paid via purchasing snacks or other merchandise at the store, or just as a table fee.