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Kansas City, MO, US

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Written by Ric Connely and Drew Backer

The citizens of Wolfsheim are literally caught in the middle of a supernatural turf war between the fae monsters known as goblins and the Titan-serving werewolves of one Werner Krieger. For untold years the citizens were forced by the goblins to participate in a yearly ritual, a macabre version of trick or treat called Kindernacht. When Werner Krieger came to the town’s mayor with the promise to end the goblin’s reign of terror in exchange for exclusive mining and industrial rights to the rich ore deposits nearby, it seemed the perfect solution.

Running with the impending Scion 2e Storypath system!

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The Dresden Files RPG
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Written by Wade Tripp

Using the FATE system a group of what some might call heroes are trying to solve an issue (or cause it) that would disrupt how things are going in Kansas City. This is set after Death Masks, but no need to read the novels (but lots of references if you know where to look).

The Department of Magical Security is taking over and in charge of the Army, Navy, and even the post office as disasters is happening. And the one person who has a key to stopping all this may be a former White Council Jasper.

For details about the campaign, you can go to Dresden KC details

The penultimate before the final Midwest Gamefest.

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Board Game
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Written by Certified Studios

Cooperative Board game, trying to work together and escape warning the world, unless you are the alien.

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Shadowrun Fifth Edition
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We'll be running Shadowrun Fifth Edition and the scenarios will vary based on experience level of the players present. Mostly official Missions organized play. If mostly new players are at the table, we will play intro adventures with simplified rules. If mostly experienced players are at the table we'll do more involved scenarios and no one will walk away alive. Um, did I say that out loud?

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