RPGKC Game Events

Kansas City, MO, US


Monthly Game Day

Second Saturday of Each Month

A monthly gathering of gamers in the Kansas City area. Board games, card games, tabletop roleplaying, and pretty much any other gaming-type activity you can imagine! The event occurs on the second Saturday of each month, and travels from game store to game store; if the next site isn't listed here, you can visit http://www.rpgkc.org or the RPGKC Facebook page for more information.

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Pathfinder Society

Weekly Games

The Kansas City Pathfinder Society runs games during the week and sometimes at RPGKC Game Days! They operate a separate Warhorn schedule (listing events in both places would cause signup headaches), and a Facebook group.

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Free RPG Day

Each Spring

Free RPG DayEach year local game stores hold Free RPG Day to encourage customers to try out new role-playing games. Much like Free Comic Book Day, customers can pick up a free copy of all sorts of RPGs only available at these special events. The free RPG books are specially crafted by publishers to quickly teach new players how to play their game. The stores provide the game materials, and the Guild provides the staff to run them. It's win-win each year!

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