Rift's GTA style weekly thurs 6pm

Sep 14, 2017 in Mountain View, CA, US

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Rifts GTA style weekly thurs 6pm.

location: Game Kastle San Antonio Shopping Center Mountain View

This is a custom campaign GTA style which means the party will have the freedom to do as they please and the GM will act accordingly. There is a main story plot line that need not be followed. 

Players will not need to know Rifts rule set concerning combat. We will implement a dual system. One system is simplistic and is best used for non-crucial combat and large scale combat. The other system is the Palladium inherent and takes some time to learn if you are not familiar. We will use the Palladium system for crucial fights and RP reasons.

There is a strong emphasis on RP in my games. This reason is to develops one's character in a non-voilent sense. Combat on the other hand..... will be glorious.

You are free to create any manner of character from the Palladium Megaverse. If you wish, I can create a character for you to specifications within limits.

The Campaign setting starting point is Rift's Earth North America 115 PA.

Please email me for further details concerning this campaign.