Pre-Con-Tingency 2018

15-16 Jan in Fordingbridge, HAM, GB

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This is an unofficial event taking place on the Monday and Tuesday prior to the start of Con-Tingency 2018.  The unofficial event has no association to Con-Tingency 2018, nor its organising commitee.

The purpose of these Warhorn pages is to allow those who arrive early for Con-Tingency 2018 to plan, run and join games.  Each game is entirely the responsibility of its GM, including finding a location to run it (usually the GM's lodge / chalet) and all reporting for living games.  If you are running PFS and really can't face the reporting, find me (Snowy) later in the week with all the reporting details and I'll do it for you.

If you are interested in running a game, please provide me with the usual details (system, scenario name, maximum number of players, etc.), plus lodge number, to

Please note, for anyone wishing to use the first slot on Monday, this might be a reduced-duration slot because of key-collection times for the lodges.  Allow for this in the planning of your games.