Pathfinder Society Netherlands

Various locations all over the Netherlands, ZH, NL

Pathfinder 1st Edition Pathfinder Society (1st edition)
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Character levels 1-11

We will select an adventure to cater to the players who are available to play at the location and time. We will make sure the players who've signed up won't have played it before.

Please make sure you have updated the scenario session tracker:

Access to the venue is 4 euros (cash)

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Pathfinder 2nd Edition Pathfinder Society (2nd edition) Repeatable
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Character levels 1-4

Written by Christopher Wasko

A shipment of relics on its way to Minkai vanished somewhere in the Forest of Spirits, a dense woodland home to kami and spirits of all sorts. In search of the missing shipment, Pathfinder agents travel to a remote village, where they uncover secrets of this enigmatic forest. This scenario features a wide variety of options for encounters and reasons for the vanishing, making for a fresh experience on multiple playthroughs.

Released October 2019.

Maps used: Pathfinder Flip-Mats: Village; Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Forest, Forest Perils Expansion

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