PFS Portsmouth Summer 2017

Sep 1-4 in Portsmouth, VA, US

This event is over.

There are plenty of slots remaining open for this event.

    PFS Portsmouth will be holding its annual Con event this Labor Day Weekend September 1st - 4th 2017.  It's being held at Atlantis Games and Comics 1 in Portsmouth Virginia.

     Friday and Saturday will start at noon and run through midnight.  In the afternoon we will have newer Season 8 scenarios both days, and on Saturday, tables of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game will be available.  In the late slot we have Specials, 2-00 Year of the Shadow Lodge on Friday night and 3-00 Blood Under Absalom on Saturday night.

     Sunday starts at 2pm and will have another Special 8-99 The Solstice Scar.  This Special in different in that it will be replayable.  Throughout the next year, and possibly into next year, the content will be altered, and each new version will be replayable by a different character of yours.

     Monday we have a single slot featuring replayable Pathfinder Society scenarios, 8-07 From the Tome of Righteous Repose, and 8-16 House of Harmonius Wisdom which is replayable at the 1-2 subtier by first level characters.  We also have a new Starfinder Society scenario scheduled.  This a pre-gen special using 4th level characters.

     We would like to see you come down to Portsmouth for the Con.  We need players and gamemasters.  We should have con support from Paizo that includes player boons and gamemaster incentives, and Atlantis has some suprises in store.

Atlantis Games & Comics, Portsmouth

2862 Airline Boulevard
Portsmouth, VA, US 23701
757 465 1617