Paizocon UK 2017

21-23 Jul in Birmingham, BIR, GB

This event is over.

21 to 23 July 2017 in Aston, Birmingham,UK

PFS Event No. 152555

Paizocon UK is the premier Pathfinder Society event for the UK and the finale for Season Eight -- "The Year of the Stolen Storm" will be played out here. It brings together all the roleplayers who have enjoyed the Organized Play campaign so far and gives them an opportunity to play the very latest adventures as they are released and possibly to catch up on some they may have missed. It is a chance to meet up with friends and comrades with whom you may have adventured earlier in the year.

New players are especially welcome and we have a selection of Pre-Generated characters so you can just sit down and play. We will have "International" tables where the GM can offer help in German or Dutch or French or Spanish. We welcome players and GMs from Europe and further afield.

The event starts in and around Aston on Friday, where you can get right into an informal game at Geek Retreat or meet up with friends for a beer at the Gosta Green.

Watch our main website for up to date news about special events and special guests. This is the place to sign up for updates.

Friday Night Dinner

Join us for Dinner on Friday night. It's a great chance to meet up with old and new friends and talk to our guests. Limited spaces. Pre-payment only.

Signing Up

After you have registered and paid, there maybe a short delay before you are cleared as the payment confirmation is done manually. To help speed this up, please send your paypal receipt to Chris.

When signing up for games, please enter your character and level so you can be allocated the appropriate level table. Failure to do so will mean you are asked to play a pre-gen as we balance tables to ensure GMs prep the correct tier. Thank you.


There is accommodation right in our venue, the Aston Business Conference Centre. We have negotiated a special deal for PaizoCon UK attendees only. These are the most convenient rooms for the event and you can stroll to and from the games in your bedroom slippers!
You can book accommodation directly. Just call 0121 204 3726 and ask for a room booking for "Paizo2017" to get the special rate (Ring only). If the website says sold out it's still worth calling or emailing as more rooms may be released. For the cheapest all day on-site parking you should pre-book it at the same time.
Take a look at the Aston Conference Centre website
Of course, you are entirely free to choose where you book your accommodation and our website has some alternative suggestions.


Our website has usefully directions to help you find PaizoCon UK by car or train or from the airport.
Link to travel advice

Link to map

Thank you

Dave, Rob, Chris, Carol and Ian