PacifiCon 2017 - Pathfinder & Starfinder Society

Sep 1-4 in Santa Clara, CA, US

This event is over.

The Bay Area Pathfinder Society Presents

Pathfinder Society  and Starfinder Society @ Pacificon

September 1 - Sept 4, 2017


Held at:

Santa Clara Marriott

2700 Mission College Boulevard

Santa Clara, CA 95054

This site is closed for sign ups.  Join us at PacifiCon in the Sedona room. We will have plenty of spaces for you to sign up for games.

We are offering two organized play campaigns:

Pathfinder Society

  • The last half of season 8

  • The beginning of Season 9

  • 9-00 - (Special) levels 1-11

  • and we will be revisiting some old scenarios

Starfinder Society (the Bay Area debut)

  • 1-00: Claim to Salvation

  • 1-01: The Commencement

  • 1-02: Fugitive on the Red Planet

  • 1-03: Yesteryear's Truth

  • Quest Pack #1: Into the Unknown

Your first step is to register on this site, you will get a message that says you are not cleared to sign up for games. This is because we need to verify a couple of things first. So read on

Note that there are different procedures for people only intending to play, for people intending to GM only one or two sessions, and for people who will be GMing three or more sessions.  Please read the rest of this carefully, and be sure you follow the correct procedure for the group you fall into (otherwise the Pacificon Goblin will eat you!!!).

1)  Players

In order to clear you to sign up for games we need to verify that you have purchased a convention badge. Send me a copy of your badge purchase we can get you cleared faster. Please send it to with the words ‘Badge Confirmation’ in the title

2)  All GMs

If you are signing up to GM/Volunteer and the email address you have used for Warhorn is not the address you've used on the Paizo site please let us have the address connected to your Paizo account. If we do not have this we will not be able to ask Paizo to put the scenarios in your downloads.

2a) GMs signing up to GM 1 or 2 PFS tables

Please follow the procedure described above for players.

2b) GMs signing up to GM/Volunteer 3 or more PFS tables

Please, either include a note when you register for the event or send us an email saying that you intend to GM at least 3 slots and we will clear you to sign up (we will also inform the convention organizers that you are eligible for a free badge). Be aware though that if you do not sign up to GM those three sessions your registration will be removed from Warhorn and you will have to re-register.


The Pathfinder Society functions because of its great volunteers. We needs GMs and a especially some willing volunteers to work at the HQ table.

  • Volunteer for at least 1 session and you will receive a GM boon
  • Volunteer for 3 sessions and you will receive a free badge
  • Volunteer for 5 sessions and you will get a Pacificoin and possibly some other surprises

Sign up today, volunteer today

See you there!!