Pacificon 2017 - Adventurers League

Sep 1-4 in Santa Clara, CA, US

August 1, 2017 notice:

Registration is now open. Game sign-ups is now open for everyone.

Special for Pacificon:

D&D Open 2017, The Lost Temples of Lake Luo, for characters level 1-10. The tables are divided by a different tier split, 1-4, 5-7, 8-10. When you sign up, please choose only one tier and list your preferred character type. Use existing AL characters or a new level 1 pre-gen. This is a competitive event instead of an epic. If you have a group to play together, please use a group name added to your own and we will do our best to keep you together, but no guarantees.

Premieres of DDAL07-01, A City on the Edge, levels 1-4, and DDAL07-02, Over The Edge, levels 5-10. There are 5 - short 1 hour adventures per each module.

Fai Chen's Trading Post will be there as well.

DMs are needed, especially for the D&D Open. DM the open or 10 hours of mods for a free membership to Pacificon. Recommended that if you play at least 5 games that you DM at least 1.