Post-Apocalypticon 5

Nov 10-12 in Cleveland, TN, TN, US

This event is over.

Signups are live! Remember that Friday the 10th is Veteran's Day, a government holiday. 

Get your badges here

NOTE: Warhorn will LOCK during the event. If you are not signed up, come to HQ and we will fit you in a table if possible.

PARKING & ENTRY: This is at Bradley Square Mall off of Exit 27. We are NOT in the same location as last year.

200 Paul Huff Parkway

Cleveland, TN USA 37312

**For best results, park between Belk and Dunham's.**

Delivery Entrance #991 will be our way in and out. It definitely won't be open before 7am, and you don't need to come terribly early unless you really want to. Dicehead is to your left to pick up your badge. If some unforeseen event occurs and door #991 is unusable, we will use door #906 next to it.

FOOD: There is a steak restaurant and a Mexican place in the mall, and a plethora of sit down and fast food places nearby. The usual places deliver, ask for info at HQ. Dicehead sells snacks, soft drinks, and water.

Post-Apocalypticon is returning Nov 10th-12th for a 3-day weekend of gaming! Living campaign sessions and special events, special guest GM tables, and board game tournaments will be offered throughout the weekend.

Special Guests include Shawn Carmen of Kyoudai Games and John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games! Look for their games in the schedule to play with a game designer!

All games welcome new players. Pregens will be provided and DMs and storytellers are always happy to help new players, if you only ask.

New Adventurers League players should sign up for level 1-4 adventures and either grab a pregenerated character on-site or bring a new level 1 adventurer created using the rules in the Player's Handbook as modified by the latest version of the ALPG. You're welcome to play anything tier 1 and you are encouraged to try the Open and Epic, which offer unique play experiences you can't have at home!