Ohayocon 2017-Shadowrun Events

Jan 13-15 in Columbus, OH, US

This event is over.

Shadowrun returns to Ohayocon 2017!

The Catalyst Demo Team is offering Shadowrun Missions and the Catalyst Board Game Zone.

Bring your Missions legal character if you have one.  If you don't, we are offering a Build-a-Runner Workshop to assist you in making one.

If you just want to try out Shadowrun, we have The First Taste; an event in which you sit down with a pre-generated character and just start playing.

Pre-generated characters will be available if you want to just jump into the action of Shadowrun Missions as well!

Please take time to pre-register for your events as this will guarantee you a seat.

Note that you must purchase a badge from Ohayocon in order to participate.  Badges may be purchased through their website:  www.ohayocon.org