OddCon UK XI

13-15 Oct in Telford, STS, GB

This event is over.

OddConUK is a fully inclusive UK games convention that provides the following for on-site residents:

  • Accommodation - INCLUDED
  • Breakfast - INCLUDED
  • Evening Meal - INCLUDED
  • Games - INCLUDED
  • Access to 24-hour bar

Year Eleven in the OddConUK house and the residents are already getting excited! As always, we're pushing to make this year as out of the ordinary as possible!

Sticking to our format, OddConUK XI will have some timetabled events, though the majority of the weekend is freeform. Bring your own scenarios, play board and card games at your own pace and if you bring the family we can guarantee a wealth of activities both in the hotel and the surrounding area. We have even more delegates than last year, making OddConUK XI the best yet!

This site is only for pre-booking gaming tables. For booking to the convention, visit: