MidAmeriCon II

Aug 17-21, 2016 in Kansas City, MO, US

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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition D&D Adventurers League Season 1-8
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Character levels 1-2

Written by Shawn Merwin

Strange things are afoot in the Moonsea. The factions have called all those willing and able to investigate strange occurrences in the region surrounding Phlan. Dark whispers and unseen terrors lurk in the misty shadows between this world and someplace much more sinister. Unveil the horrors before it is too late!

Part one of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

Five, 1-hour mini-adventures for 1st-2nd level characters (optimized for APL 1)

Join the fun for up to Five one-hour mini-adventures for 1st-2nd level characters.

1st Level Pre-Generated Characters and all materials will be available for this event.

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Come play Mystery Rummy: Escape from Alcatraz with Michele Maakestad.

"Mystery Rummy: Escape from Alcatraz, game #5 in the "Mystery Rummy" series from Mike Fitzgerald, consists of 129 cards in two decks: the Plans Deck of 84 escape plan cards and 14 escapee cards, and the Action Deck of 31 action cards. The goal of the game is to earn points by helping foil escape plans. Players gather information by melding matching plan cards or playing off an existing plan. When players collect eight matching plan cards and identify the plan's mastermind, they can foil the escape plan, capture the culprit, and score points."

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