MEPACON Fall 2017

Nov 10-12 in Scranton, PA, US

This event is over.

GHR-KEO17-12 Lifting the Veil

Friday, Nov 10, 2-6pm (GMT-08)
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Greyhawk Reborn, character levels 3-8
Written by by Ryan Radgoski & Dave Guerrieri

As the fey are returning to the Dreadwood, tension is rising within the ranks of the Dreadwalkers. In the midst of this stress, something foul is bubbling up in the Hool Marsh, and a Dreadwalker is poisoned. Will you go retrieve this poisoned Dreadwalker before time runs out? A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for levels 3-8, and Part 2 of the New Growth story-arc.


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