MEPACON Fall 2017

Nov 10-12 in Scranton, PA, US

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Living Divine: Core2-1 Fiends with Benefits

Friday, Nov 10, 8pm-12am (GMT-08)
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Living Divine (5th ed)
Written by Jay and Crystal Babcock

Game Type: RPG
Beginner Friendly: Yes
Age Category: Everyone 0+ (reading necessary)

Your search for answers has led you to the Silent City, a place that was crushed by the same Dark Lord that destroyed your past. The city is held captive by the tyranny of vicious devils, but perhaps you can find an ally within its walls. A Core Adventure for character levels 1-5, and part 1 of the Tormented Land series.

You will need a valid Living Divine character to play this event. The rules for the campaign can be found at


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