Pathfinder Society Madrid 28-29

28-29 Jan in Madrid, M, ES

This event is over.

Silent Tide Core Core Campaign

Sunday, 29 Jan, 4:30-8:30pm (GMT-08)
Pathfinder RPG, Pathfinder Society, character levels 1-5
Written by Michael Kortes

When strange reports of misty undead spread through Absalom, you and your fellow Pathfinders are dispatched to the half-drowned district of Puddles. Notoriously rough, the drooling addicts, flesh panderers, and quick-handed knifers of Puddles are the least of your worries. The night's tide brings with it an ancient armada of some long-forgotten war and you are the only thing between their mist-shrouded ghost fleet and Absalom's utter oblivion.


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Cleric 1
Barbarian 2 (Tank)
Wizard 2 (Summoner)