Legends Comics & Games Pathfinder Society

Santa Clara, CA, US

Legends Comics & Games

2054 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA

Store Phone: 669-230-6995

Time: Fridays, 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Contact: Eleanor (PFS/SFS Coordinator)

Games cost $4 to play, but GMs earn $25 store credit for each game they run. Additional details can be found below. 

Come join us!

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Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder games are run every Friday from 6:30 to 10:30.

If you are new to Pathfinder/Pathfinder society you may wish to check out the following links:

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Starfinder Society

Starfinder games are run on the first friday of every month from 6:30 to 10:30. If there is sufficient demand, the number of games offered each month may increase, so if you'd like to see more games please contact Eleanor (PFS/SFS Coordinator)

If you are new to Starfinder/Starfinder society you may wish to check out the following links:

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General Rules/Suggestions

Player Instructions: Try to arrive a few minutes early so you can pay and unpack. When you arrive, go to the register in the store and pay your $4, and make sure to save your receipt. The line can be long around 6:30 because of the Magic games going on in the store. If you don't want to wait, you can pay during the mid-game break.Make sure to save your receipt and hand it to your GM.

Seating Rules: In the rare cases in which it comes up we will show preference to players who have formally signed up on the warhorn (regardless of arrival time), after that we will attempt to seat walk-ins who showed up early/on-time, and then, finally, we will attempt to seat walk-ins who were late. Each table can only legally host 6 players however we can seat up to 7 as long as the table agrees to it (table variance may apply, but most people are cool with it). 

If you sign up for a game and cannot make it, please remove yourself from the sign-up and, if it is the day of the game, please e-mail Eleanor (PFS/SFS Coordinator).

GM Instructions: You will need to buy your own copy of the scenario PDF on the Paizo website. You will also need to bring your own maps, minis, etc. Try to arrive a few minutes early to get set up. At the mid-game break, don't forget to go to the register and ask for your GM credit. They will create a store account for you if you don't have one already. The store coordinator usually has sign-in sheets, pregens, and PFS ID cards for new players. Make sure to have your players sign in, and give the completed sign-in sheet (with prestige earned) to the store coordinator.

Note for GMs: We're always looking for new gms, so if there's anything we can do to encourage you to volunteer, just tell us. Contact Eleanor (PFS/SFS Coordinator) if you need anything, such as maps, minis, pens, etc. Also, if you're new to GMing and/or are nervous, but still want to volunteer, reach out and we'll make sure to schedule in scenarios that are easier to run or take time to help you out. As a reminder, GMs earn 25$ store credit per game, so if you volunteer your next five games are paid for!

Scheduling: This store's schedule updates with next month's schedule around the 20th of the previous month (sometimes earlier, which will be announced in person, but never later). So, don't forget to check back and sign up for new games! 

If there's any games you'd like to see on the schedule, either to run or to play, please contact Eleanor (PFS/SFS Coordinator) with your suggestion. 

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Join the Legends Pathfinder Society Yahoo! Group and the Bay Area Pathfinder Society Group for more information about Society games at Legends and throughout the Bay Area as well as information regarding local conventions. Additionally, feel free to check out the other warhorn for the other game store hosting Pathfinder Society in the South Bay: Isle of Gamers (Mondays/Thursdays).

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