Knoxville Pathfinder Lodge

Knoxville, TN, US

Come on out to one of our locations in the greater Knoxville area to try Pathfinder Society!

Check out our Facebook group!

Our current schedule:

Tuesdays (6pm - 10pm):  Pathfinder Society @ Game Piece in Louisville

Fridays (6pm-8pm):  Pathfinder Adventure Card Game @ Game Piece in Louisville

Saturdays (11am-3pm):  Pathfinder Society @ Golden Age Comics in Maryville

Saturdays (6pm - 10pm):   Pathfinder Society @ Game Piece in Louisville

Sundays (2pm - 6pm):  Pathfinder Society @ Level Up Games and Comics in Knoxville

If you have any requests for games or questions, feel free to ask at our Facebook group page or send an e-mail!