Pathfinder Society @ It's Your Move Games

Oakland, CA, US

It's Your Move Games and Hobbies Pathfinder Society CORE Wednesdays:

$5 Suggested Donation, Judges Free.  Muster at 7pm; game starts 7:30pm and ends 11ish.  Snacks and beverages okay, feel free to bring enough to share!  We lean toward a grittier, more realistic experience than most other venues, so please plan accordingly.

All Scenarios will be played using the Pathfinder Society Core Campaign Mode in which only the Core Rulebook, Character Traits Web Enhancement, and Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play can be used for character creation:

PFS CORE Campaign Schedule:

Date     | Event ID   | Tier  | PFS     | Name                                                 | GM             
02/17/16 |            | 3-7   | 7-2     | Six Seconds to Midnight                              | John           
02/10/16 |            | 1-2   | 7-10    | The Consortium Compact                               | John           
02/03/16 | 56622      | 2-4   | Module- | Feast Of Ravenmoor                                   | John           
01/27/16 | 56622      | 2-4   | Module- | Feast Of Ravenmoor                                   | John           
01/20/16 | 56616      | 1-5   | 7-5     | School of Spirits                                    | Will           
01/13/16 |            | 1-5   | 7-1     | Between the Lines                                    | Will           
01/06/16 | 56619      | 3-5   | AP61-1  | Shattered Star: Shards of Sin                        | John           

From Piazo Blog:

  • The current Pathfinder Society campaign remains unchanged with use of all of Additional Resources. It is still named Pathfinder Society Organized Play. The new option will be titled Pathfinder Society Core Campaign. Both campaign "modes" use the same scenarios, modules, and other sanctioned adventure resources.
  • Every new and veteran player may participate in both the current and Core Campaign at the same time.
  • For players participating in the Core Campaign, only the Core Rulebook, Character Traits Web Enhancement, and Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play may be utilized for character creation.
  • At no time may any trait, feat, equipment, magic item, skill, animal companion, familiar, or any other character option come from a source beyond these three resources unless it appears on a Chronicle sheet. Race boons found on Chronicle sheets may not be used in the Core Campaign.
  • If an item appears on a Chronicle sheet, a PC may purchase and use it regardless of the book it comes from, with the exception of a boon that opens up a different character race.
  • Just like in the current campaign, a player may receive credit once for playing and once for GMing a scenario in the Core Campaign; this credit is independent of player and GM credit in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign. This means a player can play once in each of the two campaigns and GM for credit once in each of the campaigns (four credits total, two per campaign), not including any limited replay opportunities established in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.
  • At any point a player wants to transition their character from the Core Campaign to the existing campaign, they may do so. However, they may not bring that character back to the Core Campaign. As set forth in the current rules, a character may not have two of the same Chronicle sheet assigned to him, regardless of whether it was earned in the Core or existing campaign.
  • GMs may utilize whatever books a scenario, module, quest, Adventure Path, or other sanctioned adventure utilizes.
  • The Core Campaign offers limited replay opportunities for players who have already experienced an adventure in the standard campaign. There have been comments that veteran players have limited opportunities to play with new players and "show them the ropes." Opening up every adventure for replay an additional time allows for veteran players to play a scenario with a new player and still receive credit
  • This initative allows for an immediate influx of four new play opportunities every month—two new senarios playable in the existing campaign and the same two scenarios avalable for play in the Core Campaign.
  • Game mechanics outside of the Core Rulebook, such as reposition and dirty trick, are not allowed unless a Chronicle sheet specifically opens it as a character option. Retraining may be utilized as the rules currently allow, but only when a PC retrains to take an option from one of the allowed Core Campaign resources.
  • GMs will receive star credit for GMing a game, regardless of whether it was an existing campaign or Core Campaign game.